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Leasing Details

1. Do You Qualify? 

SloHi Flats participates in an affordable housing program. To meet the project's income qualifications, your household’s annual COMBINED gross income, including employment, SSI, Child Support, TANF, etc., must fall within the guidelines* below:

Household Size 30% AMI 40% AMI 50% AMI 60% AMI
1 Occupant $17,640 $23,520 $29,400 $35,280
2 Occupants $20,160 $26,880 $33,600 $40,320
3 Occupants $22,680 $30,240 $37,800 $45,360
4 Occupants $25,170 $33,560 $41,950 $50,340

*Different apartments have different income restrictions (30–60% AMI). The leasing team will help identify the right fit for you. If your household income is over 60% AMI, you will NOT qualify to lease at SloHi Flats.


SloHi Flats are managed by Silva-Markham Partners.

Silva Markham Partners

For all leasing inquiries, please call (303) 781–5185 or use the form below.

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